Boyz II Men

chorus:Motownphilly back again, doing a little east coast swing.
boyz II men going off, not too hard,not too soft.
it's long overdue but now philly's slammin'
boyz II men, a.b.c.,a.b.c. the east coast family.
never skipped a beat(na!)
while coolin' on south street jet black benz, plenty
of friends, and all the philly steaks you can eat.
back in school we used to dream about this every day could it really happen or do dreams just fade away? then we started singin' and they said it sound smooth, so we started a group and here
we are kickin' it just for you.


You these four new jacks are real smooth on the harmony tip
Nate,mike, shawn, and wan, you know the mentality, keep flippin' the gift.
the spootlight is on us now watch us do this.
Live and direct from phillytown ripe and hype and
we can get
down we are ready to go so now the world will know that we flow.
now check this out. one day back in philly(backstage),four
guys wanted to sings,
they came up to me i said we'll what's your name?
(boyz II men)
Hey!! ya' know, what i'm sayin'. then i said alright fellas well
Let me see what you can do, and then the smart one named
wanya said you mike, check this out, see if this one moves you

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