Boat (Faure's 'Pavane')


‘Find your way’, you always call to me
But summer rain provides my bliss
‘Drift away’, I’m always made to dream
And lost along the way, unseen

‘Emptiness’, the name of boat I’m on
Delivers me from land to sea
Bitter chills, created in the skies
Clinging to my boat, I sleep

Sail along, letting the wind direct my way
And obstacles are but illusions in my mind
All fade?into the sky?

Far I go, into the open sea
As empty as my mind to be (my mind as empty as wind)
Long have I been sitting in this boat
breaking free of all I need (that’s all I need)

But far beyond, the confines of this boat
is a place that can never be found (no one will ever find)
On this land, I’ll cast my boat away
not needing it past this day

On your boat, you’ll see the empty sky
Imagine of the stars up high (dream of stars up high)

Fantasy, the name of boat I’m on
I shed once I can truly see

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